All about chevrolet

"Chevrolet” (Chevrolet Motor Division) is a leading branch of the "General Motors" company specializing in the production of passenger vehicle, pickups and SUVs. The headquarters is located in Warren, a northern suburb of Detroit (Michigan).

At the beginning of the development of automotive industry new vehicles often bore the names of their creators. Thus it happened with the Chevrolet brand. Swiss Louis Joseph Chevrolet (1878-1941) was a famous racing driver and mechanic but never was the owner of the company, which bore his name.

LuiLouis Chevrolet was one of seven children of the poor watchmaker in the Swiss town of La Chaux-de-Fond. When he was 10 years old, his family looking for a better life moved to France, where a bright boy was able to finish high school, then got a job in a automobile company "Mors". There he became interested in vehicles and became the official racing driver of this company. Actually none of the sport events of that time were hold without participation of "Morse". Louis Chevrolet was one of the driver of those "Morse". Received good skills in the automotive industry and sport he went to Canada along with his brothers Arthur and Gaston and in 1900 went to the United States. He began his work as a representative of the French automobile plant "De Dion Bouton" in the United States. However, he interested more with racing than the automobile business. Five years Louis participated in all local competitions until in 1905 he got the right to participate at the American millionaire Vanderbilt Cup. But in that cup he was not lucky - in the seventh circle his "Fiat" was crashed. Nevertheless, brave and determined racing driver drew attention of industrial aces of the United States of America. Among them was William Durant who was able to join a number of different automobile companies under the name of "General Motors" by that time. In 1909 Durant invited Louis Chevrolet and his brother Arthur to become racing drivers of "Buick". Those gladly agreed. But there was only one vacancy and therefore it was arranged a competition for brothers. Louis won that racing and after that he became very popular. He won three important racing competitions in 1909 and became 11th racer among the top racers’ rating at Vanderbilt cup competitions.

Before the First World War he was among of the best racers of USA.

W. Durant decided to do business on behalf of the famous sportsman. In 1911 he proposed Louis leave the racing and to start production of his own vehicle and Louis agreed to it. "General Motors" experts developed project of the new vehicle, W. Durant has invested a lot of money into the project and Chevrolet gave the vehicle its name that was already well-known to the most of Americans. It served as a guarantee of future success.

In 1911 it was found Chevrolet Motor Cars company in Detroit and it was not the best period of development for General Motors.

Its head - W. Durant - put it on the brink of bankruptcy thoughtlessly buying up unprofitable automobile companies. In addition, he began to lose money on a stock exchange speculation in securities and was forced to find financial resources in banks. Banks decided invest in General Motors 15 million USD in case if W. Durant should leave his position. However, he did not leave hope again to take the reins of the company in his hands. To achieve this goal it was for him to hire Louis Chevrolet – well-known racing driver at that time.

Found a new company and flooding market with cheap and popular vehicles under Chevrolet brand William Durant earned a lot of money and decided to merger General Motors to Chevrolet. And he did it! William Durant was able to buy a controlling share in General Motors and became a chairman again. Chevrolet company became a part of the concern and its vehicles have become the main products of the automobile giant.

Some said that he made the first vehicle under Chevrolet brand almost alone, while others claimed that he developed a general concept of the new vehicle. Anyway the first Chevrolet Classic-Six was produced in October 3, 1911. It was traditional American four-seated vehicle with a 6-cylinder engine producing 30 horsepower. It price - 2,500 USD was unreasonable for the buyer and therefore it was not bestseller vehicle. Popular Ford-T that time was five times cheaper.

W. Durant realized that the key to success lies not in the fashionable vehicle but in its simplicity and low cost. He stopped production of luxury models and began produce low-cost 4-cylinder vehicles - open light vehicle "Baby" and sport "Royal Mail". In 1916 on their basis was created Chevrolet-490 that  brought great fame for the company. These cheap but reliable vehicles have become as popular as "Ford". They were equipped with 4-cylinder engines with volume of 2.8 liters. The vehicle was so successful that was produced until 1922, became predecessor «Superior «model that was also popular as» Superior, and produced until 1927. Chevrolet-490 was equipped with a simple 3-speed gearbox, two rigid axle suspended on springs. As "Ford" models  everything was simplified in this model but these vehicles have electric lights and starter that was a rarity even for expensive vehicles that time. Just from start of production 490 model Chevrolet began to specialize in manufacturing of cheap and simple vehicles that brought it worldwide fame.