Chevrolet Orlando - gift for the whole family

It was hold a presentation of a new minivan Chevrolet Orlando at the «Driver's Village» dealership center located in Tashkent in March 10, 2014. "Uzavtosanoat" and «General Motors Uzbekistan» company organized this event. President and Managing Director of GM Operations in Uzbekistan Kazem Kaher and JV «GM Uzbekistan» Vehicle Sales Service Managing Director Abdumalik Abdullayev opened the official part of the ceremony, they turned to the audience with welcoming speeches and congratulated on the remarkable event in the world of the domestic automobile industry.

2014 was declared a "Year of a healthy baby" by the President of Uzbekistan and start of mass production of the family minivan was a pleasant surprise and a very timely gift for Uzbek consumers. The vehicle implemented on the platform of the Chevrolet Cruze popular sedan. The compact seven-seat minivan has a dynamic and massive exterior as well as a clear silhouette reminiscent of a crossover. Its special elegance, "cat" grace and restrained beauty emphasized by low roofline, simple classic smooth forms.

The presentation took place in a festive atmosphere filled with spring mood and renovation energy. Show orchestra "Illusion" met guests and participants of the event at the entrance: girls in silk and young men in evening dress played the best music works of famous authors impressed by their performance and immersed the event participants to the charming, lively melodies of waltz, tango, polkas and marches. Six years old vocal genius and internet star Jurabek Juraev provoked a storm of genuine delight by his clear voice who performed compositions that are cult, including the "Arab tango" of Batir Zakirov. VIA "Shark" performed the favorite pieces of the "Yalla" group also pleased and inspired Uzbek vehicle producers and design engineers.

The culmination and the apotheosis of the evening was the appearance on the podium of the celebration "culprit" - a new Chevrolet Orlando. This minivan is addressed to couples with children who will appreciate it once and for all and love this quality vehicle designed for all occasions. The new model has practicality, capacity, ease of use and true comfort. The undoubted advantages of the vehicle are the presence of the seven seats in any configuration, versatile interior with a prolonged service life (it is easy to care for and keep in decent condition for a long time), an impressive space for goods transportation, 16 combinations of seat position, a number of additional places, instrument panel with a variety of features, easy deployment control, front and side airbags, anti-lock brakes (ABS), height-adjustable steering wheel, heated power side mirrors, front seats adjustment function in four directions, rain sensor, climate control, cruise control and parking sensor.

The new model production is carried out on the newly established facilities in Khorezm region by SKD technology. Its engine volume is 1,796 liters and power is 141 h.p., also Chevrolet Orlando is equipped with a 6-speed automatic transmission. It covers distance of 100 km spending 7.9 liters of fuel, it accelerates up to 100 km/h in a 11.8 seconds, top speed is 185 km/h. Today Chevrolet Orlando is produced in 4 colors: white, burgundy, sky blue and gray.