“Chevrolet” Company has been participating in project “One world Football” since 2012. The program is aimed on assistance to people in difficult situations and inculcation of love to sport. In accordance with the project and in charitable purposes schools and another entities will be authorized to hold 1,5 million of football matches.  

The first ceremony of ball distribution by “GM Operations” in Uzbekistan took place in Chirchik. Pupils of the house of mercy #14 from the early morning were waiting for notable guests. President and Managing Director of “GM Operations” in Uzbekistan Kaher Kazem together with representatives of local authorities, with GM staff and FIFA referee Ravshan Irmatov inaugurated the ceremony. After warm speech on good health and high achievements in sport, guests presented pupils of the house of mercy 95 balls and told about their uniqueness. Key matter is that due to modern technologies unique ball of “One World Football” is very solid and durable. The ball is multi-purpose – it can be used during the play of football, volleyball and another kind of games of the same type, without losing its qualities and elasticity even in rough conditions. The ball was produced to serve years and even decades. This innovation is original and patented. In order to try presented balls the friendly match was organized between pupils and guests in gym hall of the house of mercy. Ravshan Irmatov refereed the match.       

Kaher Kazem, President and Managing Director of “GM Operations” in Uzbekistan:

- We are proud of setting the program “One World Football” in Uzbekistan. It’s the part of GM purposes on corporate liabilities – to serve for the benefit of society all over the world. We call it “The Power of the Game” – promotion of healthy life style, knowledge and ability to work in groups, moreover football gives pleasure, that’s why we play with youth all over the world.

Ravshan Irmatov, FIFA referee:

- I would like to express my gratitude to “GM Uzbekistan” Company for warmth and pleasance they brought to this house. I suppose that children studying here are in need of attention. And the matter is not in gifts or entertainments, the key thing is to see joy on their faces, to see their eyes sparkle. And I hope that organized event at the house of mercy would make pupils believe in bright future, because hope drives us forward during the whole life time. You’re looking for something, predict, believe…so these football balls, which were presented children today, can become a good motivation for training, making efforts and seeking for high results. I’m sure that these guys will become stars of Uzbek sports in future or even well-known football players. I wish kids to be in sound health and to run through pleasant moment in their lives, while we ourselves will do our best to pay visits, attention and bring them joy.          

Organized event went beyond gifts and football matches. A festive table was laid for participants and guests, moreover Uzbek diva Manzura sang her songs for children. It was read in children’s eyes that holiday would stick to their memories for a long time. Besides sports inventory and festive table, guests granted them essential – warmth, attention and love.        

Alina Atamuratova, pupil of the house of mercy #14:

- We’re very grateful to organizers of that great holiday. All our guys are fond of sport, we have equipped gym hall were we training every day. While in summer time in camp we hold our football championships between boys’ teams as well as girls’ teams that is why presented balls are the best gifts for us. Today we were glad to see representatives of “GM Uzbekistan” Company, international referee Ravshan Irmatov and Manzure singer. Today was our lucky day.   

Anton Muhitdinov, pupil of the house of mercy #14:

- I have been playing football since I was 4, so during friendly match I tried to show best results our guests, especially my idol – Ravshan Imatov. His visit is a great surprise for us. When I’ll grow up I would like to achieve the same high results as he did, and for today I have all abilities to do this. Particularly now, when “GM Uzbekistan” Company has granted us these multi-purpose balls. Our football team “Mehrijon“ already has shown good scores taking first places between championships of Tashkent and Tashkent region, so for now we will play even better and stronger!

After “Chevrolet” brand has become one of the sponsors of “One World Football” project in 2012 Company tries to support this program. With this aim “Chevrolet” works with “One World Football” as well as with organizations that supports youth on different directions over the world. For today “Chevrolet” brand being a sponsor of “One World Football” program has already distributed balls on 5 continents, accustoming to football more than 30 million of young people form Europe, Asia, Africa, South and North America.