Warranty for the new vehicle

Warranty for the new vehicle

The Producer guarantees the Owner of the vehicle the fact that the vehicle purchased by Owner was produced and tested in accordance with strict quality requirements. Therefore, we guarantee that in the event of a malfunction of the vehicle during the warranty period an authorized dealer delegated the right to sell and provide service for vehicles solve this problem without getting payment from you for auto parts and repairs cost on the following conditions:

JV "GM Uzbekistan" warranty applies to vehicles realized through authorized dealers and is valid for vehicles using in normal conditions during 12 months or 20,000 km from the date of acceptance of the vehicle by the Owner, whichever comes first. Warranty supported by authorized dealers.

Warranty claims should be provided to the authorized dealer together with service book.

The warranty is valid for the specific vehicle and does not have relation with the owner personally. During the warranty period the new vehicle owner has the same rights for warranty. The Seller should provide Service book to the new Owner when he sell the vehicle and it should has a stamped seal of the authorized dealer and data of the new Owner.

Terms of the warranty

1) This warranty is valid for 12 months from the date of vehicle acceptance by Owner or if the mileage is not exceeded 20,000 km over this period and the rules of usage and maintenance of the vehicle as it set out in the owner's manual are strictly observed.

2) Warranty claims must be immediately declared to any authorized dealer. Service book (completed, signed and stamped by an authorized dealer during the first registration of the vehicle) must be submitted for dealer together with the vehicle. Vehicle owner can go to any authorized dealer in his country for repair and periodic technical maintenance of the vehicle.

3) Warranty terms and conditions must be applied in accordance with current and future legislation. Warranty claim acceptance condition: provide a properly completed service book. In repair process during the warranty period the authorized dealer repairs vehicle. The main warranty repair is limited by repair or replacement of defective parts. Vehicle owner should promptly contact the authorized dealer with a warranty claim when he finds defects.

All risks associated with failure or breakdown of the vehicle as a result of the use of technically defective vehicle bears the vehicle Owner.

The same warranty as it applies for the new vehicle is valid for parts installed under the warranty repair (in other words the warranty period for the replaced under warranty condition parts ends with the end of the warranty of the vehicle) except for the components listed in paragraph 11 (basic units). Parts replaced free of charge remain at an authorized dealer.

4) Tire manufacturer provides warranty for tires of your vehicle. For more information about tires warranty please contact your local tires distributor.

5) The right for warranty is lost if:

- Vehicle fueled and used on fuels other than recommended (See Recommended fuel in the User Manual);

- The vehicle does not pass in a timely manner all regular inspections and routine maintenance specified in the Owner's Manual and Service book or if the work or examinations performed not by an authorized dealer;

- Malfunction caused by the improper handling of the vehicle, accident, introducing changes to the vehicle construction or installation of additional equipment, refining or equipping the vehicle not approved by the Manufacturer. Replacement or modification of the software of the vehicle electronic devices not recommended by the Manufacturer also leads to a limited warranty. (If the problem relates to the above cases, the warranty is invalidated for that part of the vehicle which is affected by the above actions.)

- Vehicle used for racing or sport events or for driving instruction.

- Defects are caused by natural disaster or other force majeure.

- It is impossible to determine vehicle identification number (VIN) and/or engine number or they are not corresponded to the numbers indicated in the Service book.

Warranty does not apply to the following cases: perforating mechanical damage, normal wear or damage due to external mechanical and/or chemical effects. (For example, under the effect of organic material, an organic animal or vegetable origin, road gravel, sand, industrial pollution, etc.)

6) Only branded original auto parts purchased from authorized dealers should be used while performing maintenance and repair works during the warranty period.

7) The manufacturer's warranty does not apply if:

- The vehicle owner has not taken measures to remove defects founded by an authorized dealer at the time of technical inspection, did not apply for repair or if it was performed defective repair or it was installed not appropriate auto parts or repair was made by a non-authorized dealer.

- Repair or maintenance made by dealer not belonging to the official dealer network.

- Parts or accessories were installed to the vehicle that have not been approved by Manufacturer or the vehicle has been subjected to such refinements that have not been approved by Manufacturer including (but not limited to) anti-corrosion treatment or installation accessories such as a sunroof of the vehicle, trailer or air conditioning system.

- Recommendations on vehicle usage, care and maintenance listed in the Owner's manual were not performed or regular checks listed in the Service book were not fully implemented or not properly certified. The vehicle owner didn’t informed about defect that was noticed at the moment of vehicle acceptance or defects discovered later and didn’t go immediately to the authorized dealer to remove of detected defect.

- The vehicle owner used lubricants, fuel or other technical liquids that are not specified in the Owner's manual or improper quality.

- On the specific parts (components and assemblies) of the vehicle subject to the influence of natural wear* it is set up the warranty period not more than 3 months from the date of vehicle transfer of the first buyer or 2000 km mileage (whichever comes earlier):

1. Filters;

2. The brake pads;

3. The brake discs and drums;

4. The clutch (friction and baskets);

5. Spark plugs and high-voltage wires;

6. Belts of hinged units of the engine;

7. Glass;

8. Wiper blades;

9. The lamp lights, lamps and lampshades;

10. Fuses;

11. Ignition contacts;

12. Glands;

13. Hoses and nozzles;

14. Wiper, cases and sleeves;

15. The nozzle of windscreen and rear window;

16. Paint hubcaps and wheels;

17. The catalytic converter exhaust.

 - Damage caused by external mechanical and/or chemical effects (for example accident, animals or plant material, salt, hail, hurricanes, floods, the impact of road gravel, sand, industrial pollution).

- In cases not mentioned above but similar to the above.

- Mileage displayed by odometer has been modified or vehicle's actual mileage cannot be determined definitely.

8) The right to warranty claims are forfeited after the end of warranty period indicated in paragraph 1.

If the vehicle owner declared about founded defect during the warranty period but these defects were not removed until the end of the warranty period, the warranty obligations on declared defects would be extended until the removal of these defects for a period of not more than 6 months from the expiry of the basic warranty of the vehicle. To preserve the right for providing of warranty claim within the specified period the dealer must study all possible options for resolving the problem with "GM Uzbekistan". After expiration of terms the claim goes to the responsibility of the dealer.

 9) Warranty claims will be effective if:

- The vehicle owner complies with the requirements of proper vehicle usage in accordance with the instruction manual;

- All operations of periodic maintenance are performed by an authorized dealer in accordance with Service book;

- Repair and maintenance operations are registered in the Service book and confirmed by appropriate purchase orders;

- The vehicle owner pays due attention to the technical condition of the vehicle and take measures for the immediate removal of defects;

- The vehicle is available for repair to an authorized dealer.

10) A party must perform warranty repair, will take all measures for warranty repair in the shortest possible time.

11) When replacing under warranty such basic units of the vehicle such as:

- Engine;

- Transmission.

The warranty period for the replaced basic units extends to the end of the warranty period on new vehicle as a whole.

12) Work orders of an authorized dealer confirm the repair performed during the warranty period.

These documents are attached to the Service book. Warranty and ordinary repairs should be clearly recorded in the Service book.

13) This warranty does not apply for compensation of economic losses and additional expenditures of the vehicle Owner. Such expenditures include but are not limited by the following items:

- Temporary loss of use;

- Compensation of inconvenience of using a vehicle;

- The cost of keeping a vehicle;

- Compensation for loss of time or income;

- The cost of a rental vehicle;

- The cost of accommodation, meals and other travel expenses.

 * Natural character wear - reducing the suitability of the detail (assembly or unit) as a result of normal environmental exposure or wear. The wear and lifetime of the detail (assembly or unit) is dependent on the detail usage conditions (assembly or unit) (loads and their nature, temperature and humidity, environmental conditions, etc.) and manufacturing material of the part, timeliness and completeness compliance with rules and vehicle usage conditions set forth in the Service book and the owner's manual.